Ph GROUP (Engine construction and building)


Innovations all around cross cutting technology

- Development, installation, distribution and service for RQS rotary cross cutters
- Tuning of „second-hand“ cross cutting machines of different makings


- Construction of prototypes and machines for research and industry
- making of production runs
- design and distribution of technical improvements

Due to it’s specialization Ph-MECHANIK regularly works on tasks requiring intelligent and innovative solutions. Tasks for clients in the field of laser, packaging or automation technologies are realised.

Parts of machine, or machine prototypes are developed up to readiness for start of production in cooperation with the patent owners.

Amongst our clients can be reckoned notable companies of packaging and laser technology as well as firms from the fields of automation (robotics), printing and paper industries.

The model mototok® for example had been developed for TOKX GmbH & Co. KG. It is a device for transportation which allows manoeuvring small airplanes on ground, operated by radio-control. (On domain the mototok® can be seen in service performance)

The Evacuation Stool is a corporate project together with a Dutch distribution partner.


Innovations in fibre network technology

Ph-INNOTEC exclusively is engaged in the production of special parts and units from high performance fibre-reinforced composite (CFK, AFK, GFK). Those material grades characteristically stand out for their excellent mechanical, thermal and chemical qualities.

Products to be designed for customers are e.g.
- CFK tape bindings. Product class: motor bandages consisting of CFK (carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic)
- CFK/GFK- separating cans and rotor cans. Product class: CFK Separating cans and GFK Rotor cans
- CFK rolls and cylinders. Product class: CFK Easy track roller
- Shaft drives and other components and devices. Product class: Other components and devices

Competence Network:

Our strategic partners for our complex duties and responsibilities are:
- Outsourcing & Personal (
- LOB Gesellschaft für flexible Beschäftigungsformen mbH (
- Debüser & Bee, Communication Agency (


Evacuation Stool

CFK Easy track roller

CFK Separating can

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