RQS rotary cross cutter

Ph-QUESTEC creates high-capacity cross cutters used for reel-fed offset printing machines. Since 2008, inventive high-speed rotary cross cutters from RQS type series set new standards within the market.

In purchase, uptake rate of paper (less maculation) and reduced energy consumption our products are significantly beneficial compared to others commercially available.

First class functionality and smart solutions in detail will convince you of our machines (Made in Germany). Apart from the novel paper web on air-transport system the machines allow quality control of sheets at full production speed.

Single sheets can be pulled out without problems or delay for the production nor any danger at all.

RQS 50

RQS 50, in modern design and construction, allows cutting of 600 – 1.000 mm wide paper webs, regularly coated and without perforation, in a maximum speed rate of up to 50.000 pieces per hour. With a width of 400 – 600 mm, a loss of speed of about 20 % must be reckoned. Sheets can be cut with a precision rate of 0.25 mm.

RQS 60

RQS 60 is even more effective than RQS 50. It cuts single coated paper with ink and humidity evenly applied on a homogenous cover of silicon in paces of up to 60.000 cuts per hour. Cutting precision averages at 0.25 mm.

RQS 65

RQS 65 is a comfortable extension of models RQS 50 and RQS 60.

It possesses single servo drives which guarantee optimized precision in the production process, and minimization of waste, even at change of tempo.

The speciality: RQS 65 by default is equipped with integrated register control which by optimized optical monitoring inspects every single colour register mark. Upgrading and adjusting a machine with special register controls usually is very expensive. It’s completely obsolete with the new Ph-QUESTEC RQS 65.


The new RQS-V is one of the market‘s most well-engineered and technologically advanced Cross Cutters for the packaging industry. Years of experience and continuous development have been taken into account during the development of the RQS-V. The machine has a highly customer-oriented operating concept and a very high degree of automation. It is ideal for high speed (1,200 ft/min). A further special feature is the infinitely variable cut-off length of the paper during operation. Very flexible regarding paper weights (30 g/sq m). The RQS V is fitted with infinitely variable single-axis servo drives from AMK.

Most important advantages of RQS type series at a glance

  • Higher efficiency, higher-than-average rate of production
  • Ultra accurate cut of ± 0,25 mm
  • Simple automated handling
  • Contact-free, smooth sheet transportation via air transport system (Air-Stream)
  • Easy handling of any type of paper through WebSnap mechanism
  • Extra efficient use of power, hence savings of energy up to 20 %
  • Heat-conducting aluminium gear unit which reduces effects of abrasion roundabout 40 – 50 %
  • Worldwide competent service as well as 24 h standby help desk
  • Completely produced in modular construction system with upgrading potential
  • Precise register control with minimization of paper rejection
  • Possibility of quality control while operating (by extracting single paper sheets)
  • Less noise
  • Extensive guarantees
  • Remote maintenance via modem

Technical data can be downloaded as PDF files on this page



RQS 60 – Velocities

RQS 60 – Details


Front view of RQS 60

High precision register controller

Dynamic blower

Precision spur gear unit

Semiautomatic bin-and-feeder-system (changing system)

Airstream system II


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